How does a Beer Bike work?

11 May 2014

People are social creatures and beer is most enjoyable in a social setting. Cycling is a great way to get outdoors and exercise. It must have been a smart person who decided to combine all these ingredients in one package, with the result becoming “Beers on Wheels”, the latest and greatest way to mingle with friends while visiting the famous city of Budapest.

Beers on Wheels takes the beer bike experience to the next level. We guide you on a journey of discovery while riding the largest beer bike of its kind in Budapest, with seating for 18 people. Most importantly, our beer remains chilled at the ideal temperature for the entire tour, as you are steered by an experienced driver and guide who knows all the city highlights. Beers on Wheels is fast becoming a must-do experience for tour groups, stag parties and friendly get-togethers.

Our beer bike incorporates the highest quality design and engineering, and is built for comfort. Passengers have the option of pedalling at a sedate pace or kicking back and relaxing. Beers on Wheels is the safest form of transport in town. Hydraulic brakes, road tyres and a sober driver ensure a smooth ride, and after dark, tours are illuminated by our famous blue party lights, making sure your group stands out from the crowd.

Beers on Wheels is environmentally friendly and is so streamlined it can be powered by just one person pedalling. The only fuel required is a keg full of premium Hungarian beer which is guaranteed to give your group all the people power needed to get the wheels rolling toward eye-catching destinations. One thing is certain; you will be the envy of everyone as you pedal along at your own mobile bar, laughing and singing with friends to the music of your choice.

beerbikebudapestblog11Tourists from around the world flock to Budapest to see the famous landmarks such as St. Stephens Cathedral and Heroes Square. Beers on Wheels takes you to all the iconic destinations, yet offers so much more. Our traditional beer keg is the envy of upmarket bars, and is tapped and served by professional bar staff, meaning every refill is topped up to perfection. Why drag your feet around Budapest the old-fashioned way when you can celebrate our great city party-style?

Our comprehensive package includes the taste of Hungary’s only premium beer, a high quality sound system, customised side panel display of your company or group name, party lights and our own sober designated driver. Optional extras include a skilled and attractive Beers on Wheels hostess and short movie of your group tour, making sure your visit to Budapest will be a memory to share forever.

Trends and fashions come and go but Beers on Wheels is here to stay as part of the thriving Budapest scene. So make your move now, get here fast and then take it slow, as Beers on Wheels gives you the ride of your life.




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