Looking for a 18 Person Beer Bike?

23 July 2014

Budapest is a great city to explore by bicycle, so imagine 10 times the fun on a multi-person party bike with premium beer chilled to perfection. Party bikes, also known as beer bikes or mobile bars are the latest and greatest way to explore the sights of Budapest while making new friends along the way. This great city with wide streets, spacious squares and thriving culture is ideally suited for your beer bike experience, and Beers on Wheels has the best bikes (and beer) of all.

Pedal power rules, the green revolution is here, and onlookers will be green with envy as your stag party, hens party, corporate or tour group glides past in festive celebration, sipping Hungary’s only premium beer from our special beer mugs. Then again, why not make the party even bigger and opt for the largest beer bike of all, with seating for up to 18 people. Our designated (sober) driver will make sure you head in the right direction, so your group can concentrate on what they do best; singing along with your favourite tunes, laughing and meeting the locals along the way.

Movement is easy, with the 18 person beer bike purpose built and geared for easy pedalling, and the Budapest streets are level and well maintained. This is sightseeing 21st century style, where you get it all; the city vistas, a local guide, expert bar person, optional waitress, chilled full bodied beer and enough light exercise to counteract the calories. Riding a bike has never been so much fun.

We value the comfort and safety of our customers, and Beers on Wheels bikes meet all health and safety requirements. The frame is made of durable steel, and steering, wheels and tyres are the equivalent of any other vehicle on the road. The seats are easily adjusted to suit every height, and there is plenty of room to bend your elbow and enjoy the beer. Our bikes have everything you would expect from a mobile bar, with ornate wood counters, great stability to avoid spills, and even party lights to add to the atmosphere.

Hosting a party at a registered venue can be expensive. You would need to hire the venue, pay premium prices for drinks or catering, organise party lights, make decorations, erect signage promoting your special occasion, pay for bar staff, and arrange transport. Why not try Beers on Wheels instead, and get everything in one mobile party central. 18 person beer bikes are the fun alternative to the local watering hole. We will deck out your beer bike with personalised signage, and make sure there are plenty of rest and toilet breaks along the way so you can get back in the saddle and pedal (or relax) in comfort.

Not everyone is an athlete. It’s hard work to win the Tour de France, but everyone’s a winner with Beers on Wheels, and you will be celebrating long before you cross the finish line as you enjoy all the best that Budapest has to offer.



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