What is a Beer Bike?

2 May 2014

Budapest is a city traditionally famed for its monumental architectural heritage and charming vistas. The enduring appeal of this classic city places it squarely as a must-see tourist attraction and a great place to live. During the past few decades Budapest has also developed a vibrant and dynamic social scene rivalling the best that Europe has to offer.

In a city that has so much going on, choices need to be made: should you explore the majestic cathedrals, museums and avenues? Or would you prefer to visit the pubs, meet the locals and enjoy a time of revelry? Maybe it’s time to think outside the box and consider a third option where you can have it all; the sights, sounds and socialising of Budapest at its best, all in a fun environment amongst new and old friends. Introducing the “Beer Bike”!

Imagine yourself as part of a stag party, office gathering, tour group or just a bunch of good friends in a festive mood amidst the action of downtown Budapest. Sounds like fun. Now multiply the enjoyment several times over with the addition of your own mobile bar service, seating, and music of your choice, all propelled by environmentally friendly pedal power. The Beers on Wheels beer bike is a quantum leap forward from the traditional bar crawl, and a guaranteed way to turn heads and make new friends.

beerbikebudapestblog20A beer bike is a multi passenger vehicle driven by pedal power: yes, you can now get fit while drinking beer. Passengers pedal the bike, which is steered by a sober driver, stopping at various locations for sightseeing and comfort breaks. Since their inception in the 90’s as a promotional gimmick, beer bikes have become a signature attraction in Europe and around the world, with Budapest a major drawcard. 

Beer bikes have evolved over time to facilitate maximum fun. More than just a mobile bar, beer bikes are party central wherever they go, and can seat up to 18 people, meaning you have options for pedalling or just sitting in comfort and enjoying a drink while people watching. Your Beers on Wheels tour includes experienced bar staff who will ensure your beer is chilled to perfection even during hot weather, plus a friendly driver who knows all the best attractions around the city.

Beer bikes are safe. They travel at low speeds and are custom designed and built according to stringent city council and road use requirements. This is one club where everyone is welcome to have a good time and even soak up some culture along the way. It looks like the bucket list just got longer, and a Beers on Wheels tour in Budapest is fast becoming a hot ticket on the itinerary.

beerbikebudapestblog2A bar crawl is no longer the domain of drunken stumble-bums wandering aimlessly and getting tossed out of venues. Climb on board the beer bike for a party to remember, and an experience like no other. The beer bike revolution is here!






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