The Beer Bike Tour

11 August 2014

Whoever said that beer and culture don’t mix has obviously never been part of the Beers on Wheels Budapest experience. Every visitor to this historic city is charmed by the classic architecture, wide avenues and spacious parks. Budapest locals are rightly proud of their city, and a beer bike tour is the ultimate way to gain a greater appreciation for Budapest and its people.

Beers on Wheels takes the heady buzz of sampling Hungarian quality beer to the next level in a mobile festival of music, song and green pedal power, visiting some of the greatest sights that Budapest has to offer. For a stag or hens party to remember, or a corporate team building exercise, a beer bike tour ticks all the boxes. Leisurely cycling, team bonding, beer chilled to perfection and a knowledgeable sober driver and guide ensure your group won’t miss a thing. Here are just a couple of Budapest’s iconic landmarks you will experience as your beer bike cruises leisurely through the city centre.

Andrássy Avenue: This world heritage site, completed in 1885, is an enduring masterpiece of city planning, lined with classic Neo-Renaissance architecture. The avenue connects the city centre with City Park, and is the ideal route for beer bike tours in Budapest, where you will meet locals and visitors from around the world. In fact, as part of a Beers on Wheels tour, you will attract as much attention as the scenery itself, as surprised onlookers witness your mobile party peddling happily along. There is no better way to meet people than the Beers on Wheels experience.

Andrássy Avenue is also home to excellent cafes and upscale boutiques such as Gucci, Louis Vuitton and Burberry, alongside turn-of-the-century buildings. You will also see the State Opera House, the Millennium Underground, and the notoriously named House of Terror.

beerbikebudapestblog11Heroes’ Square: At the end of Andrássy Avenue you will come to Heroes’ Square, located next to City Park. It is one of the most popular attractions in Budapest, and is home to two buildings of great cultural significance, the Museum of Fine Arts and Kunsthalle (Hall of Art). In the middle of the square is the Millennium Monument, commemorating 1,000 years of history. The monument depicts Archangel Gabriel holding the holy crown.


beerbikebudapestblog17The Museum of Fine Arts is dedicated to artistic depictions of European origin, and is home to the famous horseman sculpture created by Leonardo da Vinci. The collection also includes ancient art and Gothic paintings. A beer bike tour to Heroes’ Square is recommended both by day and night, when it is illuminated in its full glory.

Beers on Wheels tours are unique in their capacity to showcase the greatest sites of Budapest. Beer bikes are becoming popular in Europe and the United States, however many of these tours don’t permit drinking beer at all, and others only when stationary or on private property. Our tours are the unique mix of safe cycling fun, sampling one of the best Hungarian beer, a taste of classic culture and a party atmosphere suitable for any celebration. Make your booking for Beers on Wheels and get ready to enjoy an experience like no other!



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