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28 August 2014

Budapest is well known as one of Europe’s most attractive cities. It is famous for history, culture, magnificent buildings and great cafes, restaurants and bars. It’s also a relatively inexpensive city to visit compared to other European destinations. Visitors flock to Budapest year-round to enjoy this magic city during every season. If you are looking […]

11 August 2014

Whoever said that beer and culture don’t mix has obviously never been part of the Beers on Wheels Budapest experience. Every visitor to this historic city is charmed by the classic architecture, wide avenues and spacious parks. Budapest locals are rightly proud of their city, and a beer bike tour is the ultimate way to […]

23 July 2014

Budapest is a great city to explore by bicycle, so imagine 10 times the fun on a multi-person party bike with premium beer chilled to perfection. Party bikes, also known as beer bikes or mobile bars are the latest and greatest way to explore the sights of Budapest while making new friends along the way. […]

4 July 2014

There are never enough reasons! Although most beer bike tourists are part of a stag party there are several other occasions when this tour can be the most suitable program. The tour fulfills its function either as the highlight of a birthday party, or as the leisure part of a team building. In both cases […]

20 June 2014 makes the Beers on Wheels tour literally unforgettable by providing you a short-movie, starring you and your friends during the tour of your life! In co-operation with our bike is equipped with an extra feature: two go-pro cameras recording every single ride from two different angles. For an additional fee the recordings are cut […]

12 June 2014

Beers on wheels only provide the finest beer beverage of Hungary It’s indeed important that you guys sit on a cool-looking beer bike, but not only the look, but the taste is also a key component for a successful tour. Beers on Wheels therefore already from the beginning decided to give their customers the little […]

4 June 2014

To avoid accidents and other inconvenient situations we ask all our passengers to follow our simple rules. Beers on Wheels want you to have as fun as possible during the ride, but we’d also like our passengers to be 100% safe. Since this vehicle is part of the traffic and its’ passengers consume a significant […]

23 May 2014

The Beers on Wheels team is ready to welcome you onboard to show you Budapest for its unique beer side! The newest, coolest and biggest beer bike has arrived in Budapest! With its maximum capacity of 18 people, easy white metal construction and improved pedaling system it’s the most modern construction in town. Not mentioning […]

11 May 2014

People are social creatures and beer is most enjoyable in a social setting. Cycling is a great way to get outdoors and exercise. It must have been a smart person who decided to combine all these ingredients in one package, with the result becoming “Beers on Wheels”, the latest and greatest way to mingle with […]

2 May 2014

Budapest is a city traditionally famed for its monumental architectural heritage and charming vistas. The enduring appeal of this classic city places it squarely as a must-see tourist attraction and a great place to live. During the past few decades Budapest has also developed a vibrant and dynamic social scene rivalling the best that Europe […]

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