Having fun without breaking the rules!

4 June 2014

To avoid accidents and other inconvenient situations we ask all our passengers to follow our simple rules.

Beers on Wheels want you to have as fun as possible during the ride, but we’d also like our passengers to be 100% safe. Since this vehicle is part of the traffic and its’ passengers consume a significant volume of alcohol during the tour it can also be a source of danger. Therefore our drivers and hostesses make sure everyone enjoys the tour while keeping it cool. All our team members have the right to restrict the alcohol consumption for any of the passengers, if he/ she is under strong, unsafe influence of alcohol or refuses to obey orders from the staff onboard.

Some other rules worth to know about before getting onboard: it’s prohibited to pee on the street, to jump on-off the bike while rolling, or distracting pedestrians and other drivers. Please press here to read the complete Terms of Use.

Ride safely!





Thank you!